Curl up and Die

Curl up and Die
A new play by Anna Longaretti.
Publicity and set dressing. Play opens 15 to 17 November 2016
Models Anna and Saskia. 50’s 60’s make-up Louise Constad, Hair by Lisa Laudat.
Photographer Joe Giacomet, Costume Sabina Piccini.  Art direction Mark Denton Produced by Juan at Coy Communication.
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BBC ident

This Summer catch up on BBC watch again.

Producer Sally Llewellyn, make-up and hair Louise Constad assisted by Phoebe Llewellyn. Amazing Rainbow Nails by Aleksandra Naczynska. One long day (for some) in North London. Farmers tans, glamorous grandma’s, sunburnt smiley!


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Xmen go to Old Trafford

Nikki Palmer and I travel to Manchester. Our job to turn the children mascots in to Xmen. Night Crawler, Mistique and The Beast. Its Fun painting the children. Holly Max and Christiano. Due to a bomb device scare, the match was cancelled. So Nikki and I went back to Manchester for the replay! Even better the 2nd time.
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Sophie Ellis Bextor

Appletiser celebrates 50 years. Sophie sports the different decades at Ascot. 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s and the noughties!
Nikki Palmer does hair and I am doing the make up. So many different looks in one day. I loved it!
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With Mark Denton. Anna Longaretti is on Hair and Spencer on Clothes. Helen Baxter is my assistant for 2 days and Emilie yong is assisting Anna.
It is 2 really fun days with Elinor Lawless. 25 extras. Denis Crossan on camera. Production manager is Andrea Harvey.
Catering by Delicious. In Rickmansworth Golf club. Amazing building massive and warm! Loads of room to work in.  Pretty perfect days.
The Script is hysterical and Elinor delivers brilliantly.
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L’oreal Laser Revitalift laser renew
Director Mark Henderson. Production company: The outfit. Agency McCann.
Angelica, Sam, Caroline and Jo were our models. Testemonial ad. Hair Robert Frampton assistant paula. My Helpers Nikki Palmer and Phoebe Llewellyn. Grace is on Costume.
We shot at Centre stage studios. Could not have been closer to home!
A Lovely day with lovely girls and one boy!
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English Vogue April Issue

Portraits with Helena Bonham Carter and Nina Stibbe
Photographer Benjamin McManhon.
Fashion stylist Lucy Bower. Hair Jonothon Malone. Make up Louise Constad,
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Trip to Poland with Tresseme. Production company Bare

Director Fred Garson. Producer Helen Hadfield. Agency Creative Liz Gilmore.
We have 3 Bloggers. Arielle (@Somethingnavy) is from New york. Rosie Londoner (@rosielondoner) from London and Natalia (@trendytaste) from Madrid
David Delicourt is on hair and I on Make-up.
Staying the hotel Bristol. Day 1 was make up and hair tests. We shoot over the next 2 days.
Our lovely Models are Honey, Joanna, Milena and Natalie.
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Helena Bonham Carter

Save the Children Charity.
The event was held at the Round house, Camden.
Hair Carol Hemming with help from Sian. I make-up. The Theme Motown.
Helena’s Dress is designed by Stella McCartney
These Pictures from the Daily Mail online
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Elvive Clay

A day in the Elvive Pop up shop Soho. 15 Bateman street. Director David Berthaud.
We are shooting testimonials with Carelle, Somita, Emma, Rachel, Kate and Roxxi
It was a fun day, Dayaruci was doing doing the hair. Thank you to my assistants Nikki Palmer and Emma Vince for standing by. With 6 Beautiful girls I could not have done it without you.
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