Simple Skin care

Simple eye make up remover.

Our Model Joanna, hair is by Enzo Volpe, make up by Louise Constad. We are shooting in Shorditch in a small but gorgeous studio in Perseverance works. Phoebe Llewellyn is assisting me.

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Kim Kwang

Shoes! Spring summer 2017

Kim Kwang’s collection. Photographed by  Darrell Chandler. Our models Matt, Aleksandra and Nigora Whitehorn. Romi is doing the hair, Louise Constad makeup. Mini came too!

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Tooth Paste commercial

We have smiles all day long! Alice, Funda, Beverly, and Yesmin are our models.

Jonathan Malone is doing hair, Lorraine Kinman costume and Louise Constad Make up. Nails Joanne Newbold.

Anthea Benton is our Director we are working through Fresh Films.

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St Ives Skincare

3 days shooting Stills and Commercials in Black island studio’s. 3 gorgeous girls, Edna, Tania and Christina.  Moisturiser, face scrub and cleansers. Kim Roy is the hairdressers, Louise Constad make up, and Alison Jungle is doing the frocks.

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The English Patient’s 20th Anniversary in Rome

The Rome Film festival celebrates the 20th year Anniversary of the movie the English Patient. All cast and crew are invited to this spectacular event in ROME.

I travel to Rome on the Friday in time for a supper and drinks with the other Patients! 100 of us meet on the first floor restaurant Da Bolognese in Piazza Popolo trying to recognise each other after 20 years. Crew and Cast came from round the globe. New york, L A, Paris, London, Australia and the locals from Rome! It was truly amazing.

The Saturday night was a spectacular red carpet doo and a showing of the movie. Afterwards a English patient party where we could all catch up. The night was full of happiness and tears. Seeing everyone again and to toast those that are no longer with us.

Photo’s :-My film Credit, the red carpet, Josie my love, excitement, Kristin & Louise, Tim & Ralph, The A team.

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Beth, Lisa and I meet Sophie for the cover and inside story for Winq Magazine.
We are shooting in Stoke Newington in the studio called The House next door. Frank is on costume.
Lisa and I have great fun with Sophie’s hair and make up.
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Deborah Milner

Deborah Milner, fashion designer

Photographer Derek Thomson
We shoot at Deborah’s new studio in Pimlico.
A beautiful office all in white. With large bay windows on to a small terrace. Deborah is best known for her work with Alexandra McQueen. Isabel Blow’s Red iconic coat, was designed by Deborah.


Tastes like Grandma’s

Grandma’s jam. Lindy Pieri Is our model. From Human to cartoon. Anna is our hairdresser,  Sabina the costume designer designs padded knickers to triple the size of Lindy’s hips, While I do her make up and apply very very long nails. With the trolley in place Jonnie Malachi takes the shots. Produced by Juan at Coy Communications.

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Eileen Wada makes beautiful bags and wraps. We shoot her new collection.
Dawa is our an amazing model. The Photographer is Steph Dray
I am doing hair and make up. Louisa Copperwaite is assisting me.
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Sophie Ellis Bextor

Sophie Ellis Bextor. Fabulous Magazine
We shoot in a studio in Batemans Row.
Fashion Editor Tracy Lea Sayer, Photographer Jamie Gray.
hairdresser Lisa laudat , Make up Louise Constad, Journalist Natalie edwards.
Publisist Beth. A fun day with the A team.
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