Alison Moyet -Other

Alison has a new Album out called Other.

Photographer Steve Gullick

We shoot the stills and two weeks later the first video for the single in a very small studio in Southgate road. It is a fun day. With Myself on make up and Jonathon Harries doing hair. Checkout the link

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Jasmina Cibic Art installation at Ambika3

Come and see us! This performance is open to the public. Girls Katherine-Louise, Pelagrie, Barbara, Deneka, Verity and Diana. Alex and I do all 6 girls hair and make up in no time.
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Helena Bonham Carter

Save the Children.

Each year Helena holds a Save the Children Charity event. I am honoured to be asked to do her make-up. This year ‘Cowgirl’ country and western was the theme. Jonothon Malone did Helena’s hair.

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Simple Wipes

On line Video for Simple Wipes. Model Joanna Stubbs, Make up by Louise Constad, hair by Enzo Velope assisted by Phoebe Llewellyn.

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Simple Skin care

Beautiful Joanna Stubbs is our model for the stills and video for Simple wipes, wash and serum.

make up by Louise Constad, Hair by Enzo Velope we are assisted by Phoebe Llewellyn

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Zayn and Taylor Swift- I don’t wanna live Forever

Secret pop video for the new 50 shades Movie. Sung by Taylor swift and Zayn.
So secret all our phones are confiscated, we were band from pictures or to tell the tale of the day.
Darren Evans and I are doing the extra’s hair and make-up.
I have Saskia Longaretti assisting me, Darren’s assistant is Sara.
We have a lot of work on our hands. Loads of beautiful girls and boys to make up with sexy extreme evening looks.
There are fake Paparazzi and security guards too who need make-up and hair too. They all get soaked under a rain machine.
Sally Llewellyn is the Producer. Chris King the AD with his 2nd David and 3rd Lucy Kelly.
We shoot at the St Pancreas Hotel.  Luxury surroundings (Hooray) and better still close enough to home, I cycled to work with my kit on the back of the bicycle.
The video is out, so I can post.
What Extra’s? I have watched it twice now and still can’t see our hard work. Oh Well life’s ladder! Win some, you loose some.
It was a great day, lots of fun. I suppose that is what matters.

Simple Skin care

Simple eye make up remover.

Our Model Joanna, hair is by Enzo Volpe, make up by Louise Constad. We are shooting in Shorditch in a small but gorgeous studio in Perseverance works. Phoebe Llewellyn is assisting me.

img_9247 img_9246 img_9244 img_9241

Kim Kwang

Shoes! Spring summer 2017

Kim Kwang’s collection. Photographed by  Darrell Chandler. Our models Matt, Aleksandra and Nigora Whitehorn. Romi is doing the hair, Louise Constad makeup. Mini came too!

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Tooth Paste commercial

We have smiles all day long! Alice, Funda, Beverly, and Yesmin are our models.

Jonathan Malone is doing hair, Lorraine Kinman costume and Louise Constad Make up. Nails Joanne Newbold.

Anthea Benton is our Director we are working through Fresh Films.

img_3416 img_3417img_3429

St Ives Skincare

3 days shooting Stills and Commercials in Black island studio’s. 3 gorgeous girls, Edna, Tania and Christina.  Moisturiser, face scrub and cleansers. Kim Roy is the hairdressers, Louise Constad make up, and Alison Jungle is doing the frocks.

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